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Finding Kidney Donors: To locate suitable living kidney donors for children in need of transplant.


Raise Awareness: To increase awareness about the importance of kidney donation and living kidney donation, especially for pediatric patients Providing Families Support: Offering financial support to donor families and children undergoing transplants.


A place to find reputable resources for kidney disease caregivers.

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May 2024

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Sign up to become a Kidneys for Kids Ambassador! 💚

The need for Kidneys is vastly greater than the number of available for transplantation.

As of Feb 15, 2023 - National Transplant Waiting List

Based on Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) Dat



Almost 2,000 are Children Waiting for Transplant

EIN# 88-2341457

Our mission is to eliminate the shortage of kidneys for life saving transplants for children, by being a trusted education resource for living organ donation and the leading provider of advocacy for children who need a life saving kidney transplant.