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Finding Kidney Donors: To locate suitable living kidney donors for children in need of transplant.


Raise Awareness: To increase awareness about the importance of kidney donation and living kidney donation, especially for pediatric patients Providing Families Support: Offering financial support to donor families and children undergoing transplants.


A place to find reputable resources for kidney disease caregivers.

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Sign up to become a Kidneys for Kids Ambassador! 💚

The need for Kidneys is vastly greater than the number of available for transplantation.

As of Feb 15, 2023 - National Transplant Waiting List

Based on Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) Dat



Almost 2,000 are Children Waiting for Transplant

EIN# 88-2341457

Our mission is to eliminate the shortage of kidneys for life saving transplants for children, by being a trusted education resource for living organ donation and the leading provider of advocacy for children who need a life saving kidney transplant.

Does Kidneys for Kids Recruit Living Adult Kidney Donors for Children
We help to chronicle a child's story, and amplify its reach through television, print, and radio media outlets. We also assist in building social media campaigns for each child we serve. And we work as a partner with Kidneys for Communities, to pair suitable living donors with children.
Does Kidneys for Kids provide grants?
Kidneys for Kids provides up to $1000 per family per year, for costs not covered by insurance.
What areas does Kidneys for Kids serve?
We are proud to offer our services to families and children in all fifty states!
What is the best Non-Profit Organization in Bay City?
Kidneys for Kids is a premier Non-Profit Organization based in Bay City, MI