Meet Our Kids

Aiden Blackburn

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Aiden is currently listed at Childrens Hospital-Cincinnati, as well as at Mayo Clinic. Aiden has endured kidney disease since birth. He was born with one kidney, and that one is cystic dysplastic and he now needs a lifesaving kidney transplant. Aiden uses a feeding tube at night for added hydration due to his high output and risks of dehydration which can further damage the failing kidney. He is the sweetest kid and around home we call him an old soul. This mission is to help take children like Aiden off the transplant list, by recruiting a living kidney donor for him. Please register to become Aidens life saving donor , using the following link to Kidneys for Communities –

Alexavier Ryan Adams

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Alexavier Ryan Adams was born June, 15, 2010 a healthy 8 lb 1 oz baby boy. Overall, Alexavier looked healthy. We went in for his 1 week checkup and like all newborns, Alexavier started to lose weight. We told his pediatrician he’s a good baby but way crabbier than his brother was. We went home and continued going back weekly because we knew something was not right. He would be so happy at times then blood curdling scream, painful crying.
We continued weekly visits to his pediatrician for 5 weeks with her suggesting formula change and what I thought would be good for him. During this time, alexavier started to look more like a skeleton with a blue tint sheet blanket as skin and had lost another 2 lbs.
At our last pediatric visit, my husband and I decided we were going to the hospital if she suggested another formula change. At his last pediatric appointment, It was a hot mid July day, when we got there, she told us to bundle him up, add an extra layer because he was looking cold (later we found out this was called Mottled) his pediatrician suggested going to see a nutritionist at a hospital of our choosing because she wasn’t sure he was getting proper nutrition and couldn’t eat correctly.
Not knowing anything about children’s hospitals, we packed our bag, dropped big brother off with grandpa and headed straight to Cardinal Glennon Children’s hospital. They had a room ready for us as his pediatrician already called ahead. We got to his room and needed to get an IV in him. That was horrendous, the staff was amazing, they truly cared, but little to our knowledge, Alexavier was extremely dehydrated and they couldn’t get an IV in until air medic came in. Once they got some blood drawn and fluids started we were wheeled back to his room. I don’t remember timing on this night at all but it seemed like within minutes they were back in and taking him into surgery. Hours later, his surgeon came to get his dad and I. Alexavier was a trooper, he made it through surgery and brought him in just time. They said he wouldn’t have made it one more night, he had E-coli throughout his body.
Alexavier had been born with Posterior urethral valves (PUV) is a condition found only in boys that affects the urethra (the tube which runs from the bladder to the outside). The abnormality affects only male infants and occurs in about 1 in 8,000 births. Alexavier has been Stage 3 CKD majority of his life and just recently moved to stage 4. He’s slowing down some but still going strong at the same time. He loves being outdoors, hiking, camping, being in creeks, floating river and just being adventurous. He’s tried numerous sports but soccer is his favorite, he played good up until 2 yrs. ago when we noticed a drastic change in his speed. We cannot wait to see him with full 100% function and health
Please register to become Alexavier’s lifesaving donor, using the following link to the National Kidney Registry-

Miracle Springer

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Our granddaughter is 6 years old. Her name is Miracle She has lived with me and my husband since birth. We live in Tyler Texas. She is registered at Children’s Hospital in Dallas.
We have been on the transplant list now for 3 years. She lost both kidneys to cancer in 2018 and rely solely on dialysis. We drive 2 hours each way twice a week for Hemodialysis at Childrens and I do Peritoneal Dialysis at home 5 days a week. We need a kidney! And we hope that someone who is reading this story will be moved to give the gift of a living donor kidney to our granddaughter, and save her life. Thank you and God Bless.
Please register to become Miracle’s lifesaving donor, using the following link to the National Kidney Registry-

Conrad Evans

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This little 21-month-old is in desperate need of a life-saving kidney transplant. Unfortunately, his parents have been ruled out as possible donors. They must find the perfect match for Conrad to give him his best chance at life. Conrad was born with LUTO(Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction) which caused his kidneys to fail. He has required dialysis since he was 7 days old. He is currently on peritoneal dialysis every single night. He is finally big enough to receive a kidney transplant!

Anyone living in the United States can be a kidney donor for Conrad. Living donors can live a healthy and normal life after donation.

If you want to learn more about coming Conrad’s living kidney donor and this family’s MIRACLE, please get in touch with their Kidney Transplant Program Manager- Gerri James 650-498-4905. He is also now listed at Emory Transplant in
For more information about Conrad, please visit The Rad Kidney Kid on COTA or Facebook. (
Conrad’s blood type- is O+ (Our center also has the paired donation and voucher program)
Please register to become Conrads lifesaving donor, using the following link to the National Kidney Registry-

Victor Kole

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I’m Victor, I am 5 years old from Dallas Texas and Im searching for a B kidney.
I was born with only one kidney, complicated by blockages in my urinary tract that caused unrecoverable damage to my kidney. I have had several surgeries in my 5 years of life to help keep my remaining kidney function as high as possible, but now my single kidney is unable to keep up with my body, and I do nightly dialysis to stay alive.

I have not eaten by mouth since I was 1 year old, since kidney disease causes your body to accumulate toxins that make everything taste terrible, and make you want to vomit. 100% of my dietary needs are met using a pump, and a tube that is surgically implanted in my stomach. I carry my food and pump in a backpack, and are connected to it for 22 hours a day.

My Blood type is B, which is the hardest type to match for a donor, and my parents are both incompatible blood types. Because I am still little, I need a small adult kidney of Type B, or Type O to fit into my body. I have been on the transplant wait list for 3 years, and am currently listed at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston Texas, home of the largest Pediatric Renal Transplant program in the world.

If you would like to learn about becoming a living donor, please contact our living donor transplant coordinator:
Jane Deleon, BSN, RN, CNOR
Living Donor Kidney Transplant Coordinator
Kidney Transplant Program
Baylor St.Luke’s Medical Center
6620 Main, Ste 1450 | Houston, TX 77030
832-355-7061 (office) | 832-398-7717 (fax)
You may also register to become Victor’s lifesaving donor, using the following link to the National Kidney Registry-