Donating A Kidney To A Stranger

Hendrik- You’re donating your kidney to– A stranger. Right. I think the coolest part about donating a kidney to a stranger is I may have absolutely nothing in common with my recipient. Organ transplants cross racial divides, social divides, political divides. It’s such a visceral reminder of how we really are completely the same. That […]

A Kidney Mom’s Story

My name is Stacy Schwerin, and I’m the mother of Jessica Rose Schwerin, who had a kidney transplant on January 11th, 2013. In a very short time, we went from a backache to kidney failure, and then I found out that I couldn’t donate a kidney because I’m diabetic. I didn’t know what to do […]

Matilda Ruane Needs A Kidney TAMPA, Fla. — Matilda Ruane, a 21-month-old baby girl, is in need of a kidney transplant. Her mom says she was born with End-Stage Renal Disease. “Within 24 hours of her being born we were told her kidneys didn’t  work and she would need to start on dialysis,” her mom, Molly, said. Brian Martindale […]

Roman McCormick Needs a Kidney   TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The family of  15-year-old Roman McCormick is desperate to find their son a kidney  donor. McCormick was born with BOR syndrome, which causes kidney  malformation, and has stage four kidney failure. Doctors say his kidneys are working at 24 percent capacity. Without a donor, he’ll soon need dialysis. “Knowing […]

Magnolia Maglosky Needs A Kidney

‘Kidneys for Kids’ hopes to find kidney donor for Lynchburg toddler Magnolia Maglosky and her mother are in Charlottesville two days every week for dialysis treatments Push to find kidney for Lynchburg toddler LYNCHBURG, Va. – Magnolia Maglosky acts like any other 16-month-old, only she’s living without a functioning kidney. Sydney  and Tyler Maglosky, Magnolia’s […]